About me

“For me, illustrating means coloring the world of children with a thousand colours... An illustration must tell and complete the story, give room to fantasy."

Who I am

I was born in Busto Arsizio, in a late winter of some years ago. Since I can remember I’ve always drawn. I wanted to be an architect, so I attended the School of Art Paolo Candiani in Busto Arsizio, but when I saw the illustrations by Roberto Innocenti in an art exhibition, I discovered a new world and my life changed forever. Then I attended Scuola del Fumetto in Milano, where I graduated in the illustration class. I write and draw books for children. I really love scientific and naturalistic illustrations. For me illustrating is coloring the world of children in a thousand colors, and illustration is a beautiful method to "cultivate" fantasy. I have worked on numerous projects of books and illustrations for children. I am also a decorator and drawing teacher. I really like cats and I currently have five, since I created my characters, “Igattimatti",I have been nicknamed the illustrator of cat.

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For information and requests write to: info @ monicapecorari.it

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