Between lines, lights, and shadows, I tell my story.

Who I am

I am an illustrator with years of experience, specializing in children's book illustrations. I love painting and illustrating animals, especially cats—mysterious creatures that inspire me to narrate my tales.

I observe everything around me with the curiosity of artists who, when they have to draw something, mentally break it down and analyze it in the smallest details.

My Works

From scientific drawing to enchanting illustrations, up to portraits. My portfolio ranges between imagination and reality.

Of cats, leprechauns and enchanted landscapes

I really love the colors for this reason my illustrations for children are colorful.

Of science of nature, art and culture

When I devote myself to scientific or naturalistic illustrations, I try to be as faithful as possible to reality as if I wanted to depict every little detail.

Lights and shadows to freeze moments

In portraits I try to convey what is the characteristic of the person portrayed or of the animal, that something that makes it unique, that identifies it.

My Services

Commissioned illustrations

I create commissioned illustrations on any subject, with a preference for childhood illustrations and naturalistic artwork.

Children's books

I am an author of children’s books, crafting illustrations for picture books, illustrated storybooks, novels for young readers, or young adult fiction.

Scientific illustrations

I possess the ability to meticulously reconstruct various an-imals, including extinct ones like dinosaurs, and all kinds of plants in scientific illustrations.


I develop your logos, from concept to realization.

Decorations and furniture restoration

I create decorations on panels and walls. For several years, I have been passionate about creatively restoring old furniture. It feels like I’m contributing to the environment by preventing still-good furniture from ending up in landfills just because they are no longer liked in their original color.

Drawing classes

I conduct basic and advanced drawing classes for both adults and children in my tiny art school with cats, where students draw in the company of my cats.


For years, I have been creating works using the art of pyrography, both on wood and paper. It’s an ancient technique that demands a great deal of patience.

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